W.I.N. marketing advocates help you make the mobile & digital marketing investments & decisions you can trust and afford.


Gain access to packaged partner mobile tools & technology you need to increase sales and engagement across multiple market segments.

Your business must achieve TOTAL MOBILE INTEGRATION to maximize sales in today’s world. W.I.N. ensures that clients have a ”connected & all inclusive” approach to and usage of, the mobile resources and services that make web & email, mobile technology, social media marketing and live experience more effective, influential and profitable.

Marketing Advocacy & Concierge Services.

The Process At Work

Get Your Score

W.I.N. consultants will help you discover your mobile score (TOTAL MOBILE INDEX™ SCORE) & uncover your mobile marketing needs in 3 key areas (THE BIG 3), Mobile devices & tech, Social media & Web.

Free Consultation

After you complete your free assessment & your TOTAL MOBILE INDEX™ SCORE (TMIS) is determined, W.I.N. consultants will provide a FREE consultation and devise a plan to optimize your mobile marketing.

Active Matching

W.I.N. advocates will connect you to the digital, mobile and social media providers and/or solutions that can help you make your business become TOTAL MOBILE™ and increase engagement & sales.

Partner Mobile Resources.

Marketing, Tech, Social Media & Packaged Web Solutions

Marketing & Tech

W.I.N. consultants work with a variety of web design & mobile development companies to help you acquire the mobile tools you need to engage customers better and more often.

Social Media

In the ever evolving and expanding social media environment, W.I.N. helps you integrate and implement proper social media campaigns and strategies along with maximizing more of the platform.

Web & Email

With the web still being the 1st point of contact that most businesses have with new and potential customers, it is vital that your site be fully optimized and ready to engage in all areas including email.

Pre-Packaged Mobile Marketing Solutions

``Out Of The Box`` For Targeted Industries

Retail Solutions

Event Solutions

Group Solutions

Donor Solutions

A Long History Of Mobile Integration

W.I.N. began in 1998 as a fairly small, flexible design & development studio that created mobile solutions for various industries.  Our solutions set included software development, web design, social media marketing and strategies, event management and promotion, PR and graphic design.  Our current and past client roster includes fortune 50 companies, professional athletes, military contractors, small & large non profits, manufacturers and professionals in every industry.

We have recently evolved our service offerings to become the countries only Mobile Marketing Concierge.  W.I.N. takes a deep dive into all things related to mobile marketing & technology, social media platforms and interactive web solutions.  W.I.N. unlocks insights and gives you the courage to act. We bring the right people together to challenge established methods and drive engagement, interaction and ultimately sales. We work with and on behalf of our clients to match them with mobile marketing, tech, web and social media “Partners” so that they can achieve total mobile integration and build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve trackable results and measurable ROI in their mobile & digital assets…  Best of all, ACTIVE MATCHING is always free for the client.


How does W.I.N. help you benefit from TOTAL MOBILE INTEGRATION?

  • Engage customers, clients, guests & donors more often and more effectively..

  • Encourage current customers to provide referrals for your products or services.

  • Promote your business, event, cause or brand via mobile, social, web and in person.

  • Streamline your events with enhanced marketing, ticketing, promotion and even logistics.

  • Generate more leads for your business utilizing a variety of mobile & social tools & features.

  • Increase overall sales and sales channels by providing customers with more ways to buy from you.

  • Enhance third party relationships with sponsors, venues, charity partners and vendors.

  • Reduce advertising expenses or expand your ad reach by growing your own marketing channels.

Are you ready for go TOTAL MOBILE INTEGRATION?

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About us

The W.I.N. Project (W.I.N.) is a mobile marketing concierge firm focused on connecting small & medium sized companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, retailers and nonprofits to the mobile and digital marketing, mobile technology and social media resources and solutions they need to compete in today’s market place and ultimately become what we call “TOTAL MOBILE”.

Our Process:

  • Client Self Evaluation & Scoring
  • Client Consultation with W.I.N.
  • Client Assessment By W.I.N.
  • Active Matching By W.I.N. Consultant
  • Client goes Total Mobile!

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Having a single source for information and resources will help you in a variety of ways, including saving time, making apples to apples comparisons for products & services and the peace of mind that comes with knowing there is one place you can go to find the mobile & digital information you need.

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