Making Mobile Tech & Social Media More Effective!

W.I.N. consultants will connect you to the resources & service providers that ensure total integration between your mobile technology, social media marketing & live experience.

Our Consulting Process


Inquire & Assess

W.I.N. will assess your current mobile marketing & technology along with social media platform usage, knowledge and needs.
  • How are you currently using mobile marketing & technology along with social media platforms?
  • What do you know about the available technology and features?
  • What are you overall sales goals and customer engagement requirements to grow your business?
  • What are your budgetary requirements both immediately and ongoing?

Educate & Inform

W.I.N. has knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts in mobile technology & marketing along with social media platforms and their various features and benefits.
  • Mobile technology and application software that can enhance your customer reach and engagement
  • Social media platform knowledge about the variety of features and benefits currently available
  • Mobile marketing solutions that connect your business to customers via the latest technology and platforms

Plan & Integrate

W.I.N. has multiple proven mobile solutions partners and resources that we will connect you with after a effective plan is devised.
  • Development of a comprehensive mobile plan that includes usage & integration of mobile tech, marketing and social media
  • Recommendations of mobile software & marketing providers as well as any additional solutions
  • Immediate access to the online resource center with tons of support articles, lists, hacks, podcasts, forums, webinars, links, events and partner services.

Its Time For Your Business To Go Mobile…

W.I.N. Can Make Your Mobile Marketing Work!



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