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W.I.N. is service provider with more than 25 years of working in the tech space with clients as large as GM and as small as the entrepreneur with an idea. W.I.N. specializes in developing and enhancing your current software, web, mobile, social media & live events.  W.I.N. also provides value added resources and information including podcasts, online courses, live video streaming, front end forms and dashboard, eBooks (& other digital downloads), articles and more that are all designed to help you go TOTAL MOBILE™. In addition, W.I.N. has recently begun working with some amazing partners who provide solutions in AI & Blockchain.

We have recently evolved our service offerings to become the country’s first and only Mobile Marketing & audience engagement Concierge consultancy.

When partnering with The W.I.N. Project, you gain immediate access to a team of subject matter experts (SME) across a variety of disciplines all with one goal in mind: To help you better engage with your clients, customers, guests and donors.
Each SME or W.I.N. advocate will assess your current condition, work with you to determine your goals and objectives, research the proper solutions needed and work with you to go from plan to implementation.


Let one of our advocates improve your audience engagement & sales revenue

company mission

W.I.N. provides a variety of services with a single goal
W.I.N. helps our partners better engage with their customers, guests, donors & clients. Our advocates will work with you to match you with the company and service that can help you engage more efficiently, effectively and frequently.

why choose w.i.n.

Each W.I.N. advocate will partner with your business to help you achieve your overall sales goals but improving your audience engagement and actively matching you with the tools and solutions you need.