Loyalty Card

Your clients collect points on a card.

Every time a client visits your establishment or makes a purchase, he earns a loyalty point on his card. Once the card is complete, it’s time for you to reward them with a gift. We offer a Loyalty Card for every business. You can promote your program with Facebook, Twitter, emails and push notifications…

Member Card ^

Upgrade your most loyal customers.

With the club card you can give special recognition to clients who complete several loyalty cards. The most loyal customers enter the club and get exclusive privileges.  Set up to 3 levels of membership. (Based on the number of loyalty points earned, clients can fall into one of the 3 levels of club membership.)

Couponing ^

Boost your acquisition & retention.

Attract new customers and provide incentives for your existing clients to visit more often. Use your couponing campaigns for a standalone business or, on the contrary, for a network of businesses. With the option to categorize coupons you can deliver deals for several businesses, along with store info.



3 display formats.

Set up the authentication page in your app with 3 template options created by our experienced designers. Authentication can be done through Facebook or Twitter, or by creating specific credentials.


Who are they? Where are they?

The members of the community can discover other members by looking at the list of app users. This can be displayed in list or map form. Great for club members at the same event or at a local shop.

User Groups

Create consistent audiences.

The groups allow you to classify your users into different categories. Use them to create consistent audiences within your application. Precisely manage which groups will be able to access different sections of your application.


One inbox, thousands of conversations.

View, manage, and create conversations. All this in an interface that’s intuitive for your user. A personalized conversation interface, that respects the look & feel of your app. Private & Public profile, Everyone shares what they wish. Give your users the option to choose whether or not to be contacted by other users.


Scheduled  Push

3 display formats.

Set up the authentication page in your app with 3 template options created by our experienced designers. Authentication can be done through Facebook or Twitter, or by creating specific credentials. Also send push notifications that your users will receive directly in their web browser, on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Geo Fencing ^

Send messages by geographic area.

Send automated notifications upon entering, during the stay of the user or when he exits the designated geographic area. Define the geographic areas for which a notification will be sent out. For each geofence, create a message and define a delivery strategy in keeping with the target settings. Picture at a glance automated notifications and their settings. Display the list of geofences and their location. Track the performance of your notifications and improve the effectiveness of your messages based on the results.

Beacons ^

A radio signal.

Set up Beacons in a designated area, when a user comes close to one of them, he will receive a notification. How to use Beacons?
3 steps and you’re good to go:

1.) Buy your beacons and set them up
2.) Add your beacons in the backoffice and create your notifications
3.) Place them in your shop

SMS Notifications

Text your users.

Grab their phone number and send them an SMS. SMS notifications are a great complementary solution to push notifications. Use them to reach every user you know the phone number. SMS management: Manage texting from your backend. Customize the workflow to get the user’s phone number, send your SMS notifications, check the history.


External Ad Networks

Activate your accounts and monetize your app.

Connect to your favorite advertising network and the ad servers will do the rest 😉 W.I.N. integrates SDK’s from several external services in order to allow your app to be as profitable as possible.

Internal Ad Server

You are in control of monetizing your app.

Manage your splash screens and ad banners. Create your campaigns by selecting your criteria: dates, clicks, etc. Select one or more platforms for distributing your campaigns: iOS and/or Android. Offer the best visuals, whatever the device. All screens are not the same size, and your ads need to be correctly sized to be perfect. W.I.N, gives you the flexibility to always send beautiful advertisements.

External Statistics

Get instant information.

Connect your application to an external analytics service. Connect your Google Analytics, Flurry, or Countly accounts and get even more data. Use these external tools to complete your level of information.


Live Audio

Live streaming directly from mobile.

Offer your users a Live audio broadcast in their phones, from a superb player. The broadcast can be listened to in the background, which means the user can listen to it even when they are not in the application.

Live Plus

Live streaming, metadata, and interactions.

Live+ allows you to broadcast a M3U stream , to show the title, the name of the artist, and album illustration. The user can share title of the track in social networks, and also buy the track. A history of the past 5 songs listened to is available in the app.

Live Video

Live streaming directly from mobile.

Offer your users a Live video broadcast they can watch on their phone, from a great player. You can also use our Scheduling feature to define the listening hours of your Live video broadcast.

^ Available within Native APPs only