Mobile Integration Packages

(Strategies for clients who already have or use mobile technology, marketing, social media and live experience but aren’t maximizing the integration and/or touch points between their solutions)



Pricing Based on Product Mix
services also offered individually
  • (Development Solutions are designed
    to create the needed tools required
    to maximize your mobile.)

    Choose From The Following:
    Premium features extra

  • Mobile Web Site Design*
    some features may be extra
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Page Design*
    (Facebook | Twitter | YouTube)
  • Landing Page Design*
    Social media contests, AB testing & more
  • Mobile APP Design*
    submission and certain features may be extra
  • Mobile Marketing Plan Design*
    Promotional fees apply
  • Live Experience Profile Design*
    Ticketing & Promotions fees extra
  • Market Scalability Plan*
    A guide to non traditional lead sources
  • Access To Client Dashboards

    APP Dashboard & Project Dashbaord


Pricing Based on Product Mix
promotions may be purchased individually
  • (Promotional Solutions may be
    limited to available mobile tools
    and current provider rates.)

    Choose From The Following:

  • Email Campaigns*
    Development Included
  • Lead Generation*
    Includes Custom Landing Pages
  • Facebook Campaigns*
    reach will be subject to current facebook rates & terms
  • Text/SMS Campaigns
    limited to 200 users per month
  • Push Notifications*
    limited to 200 users per month
  • Geo Fencing*
    Native App clients only (500 notifications per month)
  • Local Search
  • Event Marketing*
    Live Experience clients & partners only
  • Quiz & Contest Marketing
  • Coupon Marketing*
    App clients only
  • Loyalty Program Marketing*
    App clients only
  • Affiliate Marketing*
    W.I.N. Partners Only
  • Conent Marketing & Promotion*
    W.I.N. Partners Only
  • Free Monthly Reporting



Pricing Based on Product Mix
includes development & promotional items as needed
  • (Total Integration will connect
    all of your mobile tech and
    marketing including social media.)

    Choose From The Following:
  • List Integration & Migration
  • Full Tech Assessment

  • Full Web & Social Media Assessment
  • Web & APP Integration
  • Mobile Marketing & APP Integration
  • Social Media & APP Integration
  • P.O.S. & Collateral Integration
  • Traditional & Mobile Mkt Integration
  • Event Theme & Tech Assessment
  • Extensive Montly Reporting