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Making Your Social Media Work For You
Marketing & Promotion
W.I.N. will help you develop an effective marketing & promotion strategy that includes the latest (CHAT BOTS & LIVE CHAT), to creating a personalized experience for your customers and even creating a community for your audience.

10 Social-Media Marketing Strategies

Dual Integration
Social media integration is a marketing strategy that allows you to leverage social channels as an extension of your existing branding and marketing efforts, or as a primary vehicle.
W.I.N. approaches integration in 2 ways.
Brand with micro-influencers (those with audience sizes in four to five figures) who stand out in specific niches. Often micro-influencers have higher engagement rates than profluencers  & have a close proximity to end users and are authentic representatives of the niche interest.

What should social media marketers prioritize?


Create short, digestible clips to promote your brand and engage your customers.
“They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words; we like to say a video is worth 1,000 pictures, “.


Content may not be as impactful as video today, but on certain platforms (like LinkedIn), it’s still crucial.
“Creating original, good, well-thought content is still important overall, but it needs to be outside the box in order to cause any kind of engagement”. “Old content and any new content created needs to be curated to appeal to voice search algorithms.”


It’s crucial that you focus on creating opportunities to connect with your audience. A popular way to do this is by adding live chat to your website so customers can get immediate responses to their inquiries.
“Offering countless opportunities online will likely increase the chances of reaching any goals you may have,” he stated.
Your integration should subtly provide a call to action to visit another website or social platform. An example is displaying your social media accounts in your email signatures or providing links to your profiles on your company website.