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Consultation & Assessment

W.I.N. advocates will assess your current condition, work with you to determine your goals and objectives, research the proper solutions needed and work with you to go from plan to implementation.
The W.I.N. Project (W.I.N.) helps companies, event planners, entrepreneurs, professionals, retailers and nonprofits utilize their mobile tech, web, social media and live experience to help you increase audience engagement, attendance, donations, social impact and sales. 
Mobile Scoring, Marketing Audit, Tech Audit, Social Media Assessment


In today’s fast moving mobile world, your business requires a lead generating, interactive, engagement site that is fully optimized for all mobile devices & web browsers. Progressive web design is mobile-friendly, it helps increase visibility on search engines, which in turn can mean more visitors and better lead generation.
W.I.N. offers a full suite of professional mobile web solutions. From Mobile Web Design & Software Development, Social Media Pages & Sites, E-commerce, online courses, membership sites, active directories and Content Management Sites (CMS), W.I.N. can create your project with the visual appeal you want on the front end and the functionality you need on the back end. Moreover, your site will work flawlessly on any mobile device.
Responsive, Engaging, Lead Generating, Actionable, online commerce

Custom Software & Tech

Provide More Product Value. When the basic out of the box solutions or a interactive website is not enough, custom software and/or a mobile app can help you deliver your products and services in a much more effective and timely manner. Highlight and promote the most valuable aspects of your product or services through your site or app and increase their effectiveness with tailored options and features.
Custom software and mobile apps open new business dimensions and opportunities because of the way they are used. Especially significant is the opportunity to put technology to work resolving customer issues and fulfilling client needs. This drives innovation and gives way to new products and services.
Mobile Apps, Custom Software, Hardware Integration, Kiosks, Facial Recognition, A.I., Blockchain

Social Media

Increasing brand awareness, Building relationships, Improving customer service, Increasing digital exposure, Boosting traffic & Reaching new audiences.
W.I.N. will help you develop an effective marketing & promotion strategy that includes the latest (CHAT BOTS & LIVE CHAT), to creating a personalized experience for your customers and even creating a community for your audience.
Brand with micro-influencers (those with audience sizes in four to five figures) who stand out in specific niches. Often micro-influencers have higher engagement rates than profluencers & have a close proximity to end users and are authentic representatives of the niche interest.
Branding, Marketing & Promotion, Dual Integration, Influencer Marketing

Event Solutions

Mobile & traditional tools to make your events more productive & profitable.
If you are an event planner or venue and you need your event tools to match how today’s event guests engage, W.I.N. offers event solutions which include our advanced ticketing & event portal & mobile app solutions that allow people to create, share, find and sponsor events that showcase their brand, product, music, cause or community.
Advanced Ticketing, Mobile Tools, Targeted Promotion, Mobile Marketing, e-commerce, social promotion
“The average American adult (18+) spends 4 hours, 5 minutes on their mobile devices every day.”
With usage of mobile devices increasing annually, mobile marketing is now THE ESSENTIAL method for promoting your business.
Is it time to be able to send product updates directly to your clients mobile devices & social media?
Would having the ability to send notifications to arriving guests help streamline your event?
Are your social media pages, email lists, website, APP & event marketing integrated?
Social Media, Text/SMS Campaigns, Email Campaigns, Push Notifications, Geo Fencing, Beacon Technology