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W.I.N. advocates & consultants work on our partner’s behalf to help them better utilize mobile technologies, interactive & digital marketing tools and virtual strategies to increase engagement and interaction with customers, guests, donors and clients.

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W.I.N. marketing advocates help our partners make the mobile & digital marketing investments & decisions they can trust and afford.

When you partner with The W.I.N. Project you gain access to the mobile tools & technology you need to increase sales and engagement across multiple market segments.

W.I.N. takes a deep dive into all things related to mobile marketing & technology, social media platforms and live experience. W.I.N. unlocks insights and gives you the courage to act. We bring the right people together to challenge established methods and drive transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve trackable results and measurable ROI in their mobile investments.

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Coaching & Consulting

A W.I.N. advocate will work with you to determine exactly what your business needs to make sure your business is fully mobile ready and able to sell and promote virtually.

What You Can Expect

W.I.N. is consultant group with more than 100 years of working in the marketing & tech space with clients as large as GM and as small as the entrepreneur with an idea. W.I.N. specializes in developing and enhancing your current software, web, mobile, social media & live events.  W.I.N. also provides value added resources and information including podcasts, online courses, live video streaming, front end forms and dashboard, eBooks (& other digital downloads), articles and more that are all designed to help you go virtual. In addition, W.I.N. has recently begun working with some amazing partners who provide solutions in AI & Blockchain.

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Solutions, tools, resources and other provided to partners in all industries across the U.S. and beyond.

“The W.I.N. Project has been there from our beginning. With their help and guidance, our website, social media and marketing has always been connected and our business has doubles in sales each year. We have grown each year and now have one of the best spa/salons in Shadyside.”

Yvette Renee Royal
Anastasia’s Crown Esthetic Services

We have raised millions for the AHA over the years, but it was time to take our campaign into the 20th century but we didn’t want to lose the personal touch our customers were use to. W.I.N. helped guide us to a software solution and other add ons that seamlessly connected the past with the present.  We raised well over $200k this year alone.

Tiffany Butterfield
Mercedes Benz Of Columbus
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